“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” 


~ Maya Angelou

What is The Mother Portal?

The Mother Portal is a 6 week healing group journey designed to support mothers as they navigate early motherhood, the mother wound, and . It is a sacred ceremonial space that is created and facilitated by Inbal.


Becoming a mother is a Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Initiation. We are in a constant life-death-life cycle; as our children go through their developmental stages and shed their old selves, so do we. It's not always pretty, but there is always beauty in the learning and growing we do on this journey.


The Mother Portal is a space to be seen and held in, while doing the sacred work of clearing the body and mind of what is unnecessary and depleting. Through guided meditation, Breathwork, Sound, and Community, we support each other, and tap into our stillness, life force, and that which makes us resilient. Our spirit.

Join us in virtual community, to breath and release what is ready to be released from the body, and make more space for joy, relaxation, and the voice of your own divine intuition and wisdom.

Who is The Mother Portal for?

The Mother Portal is for all self-identifying mothers of all genders who are actively mothering children.

We arrive at motherhood in many different ways, and while the physical experience may vary, the emotional and spiritual journey is universal.

Why join? 

Releasing // Breathwork helps release stagnant energy and emotional charge from the body.

We carry a lot in our bodies, sometime we carry other peoples stress, negativity and emotional pain. Clearing what doesn't belong in our bodies, either own own energetic blocks or our family's (hello family patterns) is essential for our well being. Dancing , singing, and all forms of uninhibited self expression with the intention of releasing work really well. Breathwork is in that same category, but stands out in its ability to unlock the more persistent and deep personal blocks to emotional freedom.

Re-Wilding // Breathwork can help us heal and integrate suppressed shadow aspects of ourselves that also hold infinite creative potential, sexuality, and intuition. 

As mothers, It is socially expected of us to be loving, nurturing, compassionate and selfless. This is often at odds with our inner experience of motherhood and authentic selves. We sometimes learn to sublimate and suppress our wild shadow self, our sexuality, and all emotion that isn't perceived as feminine or motherly for fear of being judged by our community. The thing is, we are complete multi dimensional beings, and we don't stop being that when we become mothers. Those currents still ebb and flow underground, and the work of bringing them into the surface with care helps us evolve into greater self love and strength.


Stress // Breathwork helps us relax deeply.

In meeting our daily lives' demands as women, mothers, career makers, homesteaders, and care takers, our nervous system gets taxed and we don't always have the time or awareness to regulate.  Overtime, this depletes our system, and manifests as low energy and and dis-ease. Consciously connecting to our breath is a fast and effective practice that generates deep calm.


Emotional triggers and Conscious parenting // Breathwork helps create more mental and physical space to hold ourselves, our partners, and our children in compassion.

The constant change and evolution of our children can trigger in us our own unresolved emotional pain and core wounds.  When that happens, it is our choice to either respond from a place of reactivity, because we are triggered, or from a place of presence and compassion.  When our nervous system is regulated, and we have awareness of our own inner landscape and triggers, we are more successful in responding from a place of presence to our child's needs.  The good news, our children give us a second chance to re-parent ourselves, and in the process, heal and evolve as future ancestors.

Post Breathwork glow // Breathwork helps us connect to our life force, our higher self, our intuition, and our wild, creative, and sensual nature. 

On this journey, our Breath is our ally, and the doorway through which we can release trapped emotion, anxiety, stress, and clear energetic incompatibilities from our system.  It is a channel for expansion into our clearest selves.


​​How does it work?


Each session is 90 minutes, including time post Breathwork for Q&A.


You will receive a link for our shared zoom meeting upon registration.


You don't need any special technology to join, just a computer with a good internet connection and working speakers, a cozy nest, and minimum 60 minutes of uninterrupted time.

I'm called to make this work as available as possible in these challenging times.  Current pricing will continue through the next couple of months and as long as we are experiencing the contracting force of these times.


At $18, my hope is that more mothers will be able to afford attending.  I am offering a few spots for POC and self employed healer mothers who are experiencing deeper financial impact, please contact me if this is something you are interested in.

* Due to the special pricing, I will not be offering refunds on purchased tickets.

​I look forward to breathing with you.


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