One of the greatest gifts of doing this work is to learn about your experience and how this work has helped you on your journey.

Below is a collection of the kind words that have come my way.


Every person is unique yet everyone arrives at the same place through this work - a Clear & Strong signal of their essence.

All signal, no noise.

"As we navigate life's challenges, it's amazing what we can hold within us. SONOPRANA is a simple yet powerful practice for releasing trapped emotions and old energy that no longer serves us. After the session I felt a wonderful sense of peace, and I was able to breath deeply for the first time in months. Inbal calmly guided me through the practice with her voice, and supported my journey by singing beautiful healing songs.  As she sang, I could feel the energy in my body shifting. Inbal's strong and healing presence gave me the courage to dive deep and brave the difficult emotions inside to reach a new place of peace." ~ Pete D.

"Inbal is a gifted guide and space holder. Her calm and inviting nature allow me to drop deep and journey without feeling judged or fearful, even among totally new people.  As she sings songs, peacefulness and beauty instantly fill the room, while the primal sound of her drum brings me closer to me.  She is truly a blessing." ~Jocalyn A.

"The Breathwork in your class was absolutely mind-blowing. Shock, surprise, joy, peace and tears, waves and waves of emotion but most of all, being able to sense my being and energy was beyond anything I ever imagined. By the end of the 20 min. breathing process I felt giant and glowing balls of energy around my hands, pulsing with the beat of my heart, it was the most 'out of this world' experience I've had...ever!!"  ~ Niya, I.


"Inbal has a true gift.  Her voice has the ability to carry you into dimensions that a person cannot access on their own.  She supports without getting in the way and is able to firmly anchor in rough emotional waters.  She is a witness, guide and partner.  Her presence is stable and grounded, which allows and encourages in a neutral and loving way. She is the real deal."   ~ Mara R.

" Similar to a formative traveling experience, the Sonoprana session took me on a journey of transformation.

What I brought was an open mind but also a heavy heart. I have been wanting to feel a very deep connection and sense of understanding about life. I walked away having circumnavigated my own life - going on a journey of healing my past, finding joy in the present, and a newfound confidence in the future - all through the power of Breath and Sound. Inbal’s approach to facilitation is to masterfully straddle both ends of the spectrum: serious and playful. She created a sense of safety and trust with the group, guiding us gently into what would become a powerful and transformative experience"  ~Josie L.

“Inbal’s breathwork session was a great intro to the concept. Even for someone who is familiar with yoga and meditation, breathwork is a different type of experience and she introduced us to it carefully and thoughtfully—with clear instruction but also the space for each of us in the group to participate in the way we were most comfortable. Would love to try this type of breathwork again.”  ~ Amanda M.

“Thank you Inbal for introducing me to breathwork. It was nice to use zoom to unzoom myself in the pandemic. The breathing really gave my body an energizing buzz like I haven’t felt before. Would love to do more breathwork in the future.” ~ Michele K.

" The Breathwork circles led by Inbal have changed my perspective on the power of breath, as it relates to our physical and emotional well being. I have attended twice now, both times entering the circle with anxiety and tenseness, and leaving worry-free, buzzing with a newfound calm. Inbal provides a comfortable and safe setting, and it's apparent how much thought and experience goes into each session. If you've been curious to try Breathwork, I highly recommend Inbal (Sonoprana).  Your body and mind will thank you."  ~ Susan McKinney.

"I experienced SONOPRANA's Breathwork and Sound group session and I loved it.  The sounds and songs Inbal played during the session really spoke to me - I felt connected to the experience and safe in the container that was created. Inbal is a badass woman and wonderful facilitator! " ~ Renata L.

“Feeling overwhelmed and drained from daily life tasks, Inbal’s Breathwork session was a  blessing. We had a session first thing in the morning and it set the tone for my entire day. For a full hour, I was able to disconnect from my insecurities, from my busy thoughts, from my questions on what’s next, and through breathing exercises attempt a new manner of releasing stress and making space for a clear mind. It was work, but the great kind of work. I can’t wait to tune in for another session.”  ~ Nicole A. 


"We have been a couple for 18 months, and neither of us is a stranger to emotional work and exploration. What we found exciting and unique about our session with Inbal was the opportunity to tap into our emotional worlds through working with our bodies. One of us is a psychotherapist and the other a lawyer, and so our natural inclination is towards verbal experiences; the work we did with Inbal allowed us to connect to our emotions from a totally different angle through our breathing and the physical sensations that accompanied it. Before starting the breathwork, Inbal led us through various exercises we did as a couple, and which, through simple assignments, allowed us to touch on some of the most significant areas in our relationship, in a way that primed us for the Breathwork that followed. Before, throughout and after our session, Inbal was attentive, caring, compassionate and present, and her guidance helped us make the most of this meaningful experience. We both took something from that evening with us into our lives as individuals and as a couple." ~ Lior B. & Yehoshua G.