Breathwork and Creativity, trusting your future self.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

As an award winning Designer and Creative director, I've helped hundreds of designers and clients navigate complexity by tapping into their creative capacity. Together, we created new products enhancing the human experience through technology, and beauty. Throughout my 16 year career as a designer, I learned that deeply personal and subconscious beliefs affected my clients' ability to access their creativity and succeed in their role. The more aware they were of their own limiting beliefs, the more successful the project was.

Throughout my career, I became fascinated with what made certain people able to reach beyond their comfort zone into new territory, while others actively resisted new and exciting solutions. What I found was that those who took risks had tolerance for failure and deep trust in their teams, in themselves, and in the creative process. Those designers and clients were always growing, always changing, and eventually becoming better versions of themselves. I learned that the qualities that made a good creative partner, were the same qualities that enabled a person to face their personal challenges and overcome them successfully.

While working as a designer, I needed to be able to access my creativity on demand in a high stress, and high stakes environment. Not having access to my creative capacity was not an option, and throughout life's natural ebbs and flows I've found that my ability to tap into creativity outside of myself was essential for both my personal and professional well being. Furthermore, the stronger my relationship was to my creative resources, the better I was at helping others access theirs, designers and non-designers alike. When I first experienced Breathwork 3 years ago, I was struck by how effective it was in putting my body-mind-heart in a state of flow, I had access to information that felt like it was always 'there', Ideas came to me in such clarity and simplicity, and best of all, my own limiting beliefs were being shown to me as what they are; something I chose rather than something I had to live with.

In the past 5 years, as a new mother with a demanding career I've gone through my own dark night of the soul, one of a spiritual nature that pills and therapy could not fix. Through working with non denominational spiritual healers that carried traditional medicine, I realized that the qualities I've cultivated in my career such as curiosity, receptivity, and willingness to reach beyond my comfort zone, were essential to my personal healing journey, and helped me emerge on the other side stronger and more resilient. As the connection between the creative process and spiritual wellness became clear to me, I've decided to study the art of facilitating the process of healing. Healing is simply making something whole, and adjusting the frequency from chaos to harmony. Similar to the creative process, curiosity, receptivity, and tolerance for failure are necessary for a successful healing journey; because better future experienced, and better future selves exist beyond our comfort zone.

Design is nothing short of a spiritual practice that is born of receptivity to divine inspiration, and the ability to embody the creative spark into a tangible object of beauty and purpose. Having applied creative principles to my own healing journey successfully, I found the process of designing a new experience has many parallels to the spiritual process of self discovery, healing, and personal evolution. Similar to the creative process, healing is a non-linear journey best embarked upon with curiosity and courage.

On this journey, the practices that have resonated me to my core are Breathwork and Sound meditation. SONOPRANA is my integration of the Creative process, the power of Breathwork, and the Resonance of sound.

As a facilitator of healing and personal transformation, my practice is grounded in empathy, skill, and the lived experience of my own journey. You don't have to be a designer to tap into creativity and design the life you want; but you do need to have a clear connection between the head and the heart. When our head and heart are aligned, we have access to our inner compass, and we are free to evolve.



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