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SONO (sound) PRANA (breath, life force)

SONOPRANA integrates principles of the Creative process, Breathwork, and the Resonance of Sound into a cohesive practice that helps:

  • Access greater clarity and focus.

  • Alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • Tap into the wellspring of your own intuition and creativity.

  • Navigate and integrate big life events.

  • Release stagnant energy and emotional pain from the body.

  • Develop your connection to your own spirituality.


Breathwork and Sound are active meditations based in vibration, resonance, and felt sense. Both can regulate our nervous system, help us re-pattern behavior, and generate coherence and harmony in every cell in our body.

Our bodies are vessels of energy, vibration, and memory. Our minds may forget but our bodies remember everything that's ever happened to us. When we practice Breathwork, we help our bodies release stagnant energy and negative thought patterns that cause us harm over time. As a somatic practice, Breathwork supports the release of tension, trauma, and anxiety from the body and energy field; creating space for the new to take root and blossom.  When we engage our voice as an instrument of resonance in our body, we tap into our sonic birthright to self heal and express without inhibition.


Your Breath is your medicine. Your Voice is your medicine. In this day and age when our consciousness and awareness are constantly drawn outward, the practice of Breath and Sound meditation brings our mind-body-heart channel into coherence, helping us tap into creativity, intuition, and clarity.

"Inbal’s approach to facilitation masterfully blends the serious and the playful.

She created a sense of safety and trust with the group, guiding us gently into what would become a powerful and transformative experience.


~Josie L.

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February Breathwork & Sound community circle
Feb 07, 2020, 7:00 PM
The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.

Praise for SONOPRANA

"As we navigate life's challenges, it's amazing what we can hold within us. Inbal teaches a simple yet powerful practice for releasing trapped emotions and old energy that no longer serves us. After the session I felt a wonderful sense of peace, and I was able to breath deeply for the first time in months.

Inbal calmly guided me through the practice with her voice, and supported my journey by singing beautiful healing songs.  As she sang, I could feel the energy in my body shifting. Her strong and healing presence gave me the courage to dive deep and brave the difficult emotions inside to reach a new place of peace."

Pete D.

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