The path of self healing is non-linear; it meanders through the mystery of our hearts, where dots connect in seemingly inexplicable yet effective ways.


We only need to give ourselves permission, to show up and do the work. Our body, mind, and spirit will do the rest.


In this journey, you co-create your experience with spirit.

SONO (sound) PRANA (breath, life force)

SONOPRANA integrates principles of the Creative process, Breathwork, and the Resonance of Sound into a cohesive practice.


This practice can help if you -

  • Want greater access to creativity, flow states, and clarity.

  • Need to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • Seek to tap into the wellspring of your own intuition and creativity.

  • You are going through a major life transition or initiation.

  • Carry unresolved pain and grief in your physical and emotional body.

  • Feel called to develop your connection to your own spirituality.

  • Are feeling stuck in life.

  • Struggle with relationship to yourself and to others.

  • Are ready to do the work necessary for your psycho spiritual development.

  • Had a spiritual/psychedelic experience and you need help integrating.

  • Have trouble staying in your body and being present.

  • You want to promote bonding, healing, and creativity in a group.


Breathwork and Sound are active meditations based in vibration, resonance, and felt sense. Both can regulate our nervous system, help us re-pattern behavior, and generate coherence and harmony in every cell in our body.

When combined, the two are transformational. The beauty of both Breathwork and Sound healing lies in their simplicity and universality, as the breath generates a consistent energy flow in the body, the sonic landscape supports the emotional processes that arise from the breath. This is a deeply intuitive practice that is based on deep listening to the person or group receiving the session, and drawing on the practitioner's knowledge of sound application such as frequency, harmony, amplitude, tone, and cadence.

About Breathwork

Breathwork is a somatic practice, and an active meditation that can clear our mind-heart-body channel and help us release stagnant energy, reaching deep levels of calm and clarity. Lying down on a comfortable surface, we breath in specific cadence and pattern and release incompatible energy, clearing and creating space for self love, forgiveness, creativity, and inner knowing. Breathwork is WORK, it requires you to show up %100 for yourself and there lies its beauty. This type of Breathwork may help with an Increased sense of self love and clarity about one's purpose, Emotional spaciousness and lightness, Transmutation of difficult life events, Somatic release of emotional trauma stored in the body, and Spiritual development.

About Sound Healing

Sound healing is the ancient practice of generating vibration and resonance to promote harmony and coherence in the body. Sonoprana's meditations integrate Vocal resonance, Toning, Chanting, Tibetan bowls, Percussion, Tuning Forks and a variety of additional instruments into a meditative sonic landscape.

Our bodies are vessels of energy, vibration, and memory. Our minds may forget but our bodies remember everything that's ever happened to us. When we practice Breathwork, we help our bodies release stagnant energy and negative thought patterns that cause us harm over time. As a somatic practice, Breathwork supports the release of tension, trauma, and anxiety from the body and energy field; creating space for the new to take root and blossom.  When we engage our voice as an instrument of resonance in our body, we tap into our sonic birthright to self heal and express without inhibition.