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"Inbal created a sense of safety and trust with the group, guiding us gently into what would become a powerful and transformative experience ~Josie L.

Breathwork + Sound

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2.5-3 H Group journey

For friends, Family, and Teams - Group Breathwork is highly effective in reducing stress, improving creativity, access to flow states, problem solving, and bonding. When we breath in a group our hearts synchronize to each other, our bodies create sympathetic resonance and a unified energetic field is formed. This is a collective healing practice that is ancient as it is widely used in cultures that live in connection to their roots, community, and linneage. These sessions will be tailored to the number of participants and nature of their relationship to each another. We will meet over the phone for a consultation before the session.


The group session weaves Guided meditation, Individual inquiry, Dyade discussion, Breathwork, and Sound into an aligning and bonding experience. We close with a reflection circle and group intention setting. We meet at your preferred Bay Area location. Contact me to discuss travel outside the Bay Area.

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