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Healing is a creative journey,

The path of self healing is non-linear; it meanders through the mystery of our hearts, where dots connect in seemingly inexplicable yet effective ways. We only need to give ourselves permission, to show up and do the work. Our body, mind, and spirit will do the rest. In this journey, you co-create your experience with spirit. This is the inspiration for SONOPRANA. 


Breathwork and Sound are natural allies, both are based in vibration, resonance, and felt sense. Both can regulate our nervous system, help us re-pattern behavior, and generate coherence and harmony in every cell in our body. When combined, the two are transformational. The beauty of both Breathwork and Sound healing lies in their simplicity and universality, as the breath generates a consistent energy flow in the body, the sonic landscape supports the emotional processes that arise from the breath. This is a deeply intuitive practice that is based on deep listening to the person or group receiving the session and drawing on the practitioner's knowledge of sound application such as frequency, harmony, amplitude, tone, and cadence.



Sacred container journey of 3 months is $700 and weaves all my tools into a single experience that allows for integration, and ongoing support in a beautiful way. The Sacred container journey includes:

  • Setting up a sacred energetic container, altar, intentions, prayers and allies for the duration of the journey.

  • 3  1.5H Private remote Breathwork sessions. (We meet once a month)

  • 3   Live video integration sessions (30 minutes each) in between each Breathwork session.

  • Email access for on-going support. (I typically respond within 24 hours)

  • Each session will include a soul 'prescription' to support the body, mind, and spirit : This is an intuitively guided offering that draws on Tarot, Shamanic arts, Plant baths, Creative inquiry, Breathing techniques, Mantra, and Vocal resonance exercises to support the integration of what is brought up for healing by the Breath.

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