"We have been a couple for 18 months, and neither of us is a stranger to emotional work and exploration. What we found exciting and unique about our session with Inbal was the opportunity to tap into our emotional worlds through working with our bodies. One of us is a psychotherapist and the other a lawyer, and so our natural inclination is towards verbal experiences; the work we did with Inbal allowed us to connect to our emotions from a totally different angle through our breathing and the physical sensations that accompanied it. Before starting the breathwork, Inbal led us through various exercises we did as a couple, and which, through simple assignments, allowed us to touch on some of the most significant areas in our relationship, in a way that primed us for the Breathwork that followed. Before, throughout and after our session, Inbal was attentive, caring, compassionate and present, and her guidance helped us make the most of this meaningful experience. We both took something from that evening with us into our lives as individuals and as a couple." ~ Lior B. & Yehoshua G. 



2 H Couples healing session

Our partners in life & love are also a mirror reflection of who we are. When we are at odds with ourselves, our relationships suffer, when we are in right relation to ourselves, and our closest and dearest, we thrive. Bringing compassionate awareness to our individual journeys and our relational dynamics is essential for thriving in a relationship. Access to emotional depth and intimacy with one another nourishes one's own path to self love and an open heart. In these intimate sessions we set intention and emotional clarity through a series of exercises and storytelling; we breath and relax into sound, and close with Intention setting for what is true and in resonance for both of you.


The Couples journey weaves Guided meditation, Reflection exercise, Breathwork, and Sound healing into a restorative experience. We meet at your preferred Bay Area location.

Price: $250

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