Trainings and Teachers

Completed Certificate studies

Breathwork healer training // David Elliott, 4 modules.

Shamanic Arts // Anna Dorian, 16 month program, core shamanism.

Lineage of the Q'uero, Toltec, and Sandra Ingerman.


Sound Healing and Therapy  //  Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness.




Ongoing education

Nada Yoga & Sound healing facilitation  //  Silvia Nakkach, Vox Mundi school of sound and the voice.

Drupad Lineages of Ali Akbar Khan, and Uday Bhawalkar.

Sound healing & Spiritual mentorship //  June Nason

Lineage of Angeles Arrien.

Energy and Consciousness //  Lynda Caesara 

Lineage of the Deer Tribe.

Breathwork, conflict resolution, guided meditation, spiritual mentorship //  Richard Geggie
Lineages of Angeles Arrien and Lorin Smith.


Hi, my name is Inbal (pronounced In - Bahl),


I am a guide and facilitator to those on the path of self healing.  My work is a therapeutic blend of Somatic Breathwork & Sound, two modalities that focus on the body and it’s innate capacity to heal itself.

I’ve come to this work after years of chronic stress, workaholism, and suppressed trauma. To say it has changed my life would be an understatement.

I’ve lived a past life as an Industrial designer, and Creative director, where I was a professional envelope pusher, and way-shower. I’ve always been an artist and a maker, and I credit creativity in saving my life.

I believe we are all born artists and I see direct correlation between the creative process of reaching beyond the obvious towards a vision, and one's personal healing journey. To achieve personal innovation (evolution) we need to be willing to go beyond our comfort zones, and choose the pain of growth instead of the pain of stagnation.


To integrate this work, we must be able to let it gestate in our body, and resolve on a nervous system level. None of this is linear or predictable, and it requires a willingness to surrender that so many have been taught to resist at all cost. Myself included.

What I have learned on my journey is this : The creative act asks us to be courageous, curious, and willing to fail, and so does the art of self healing. Awareness of our conditioning and limiting beliefs is the foundation for our growth and long term change. Developing this self awareness is game changing on every level.

Trust yourself,


Professional bio:

Inbal was born and raised in Israel, where she studied fine arts, literature, and industrial design.

As an Industrial Designer in San Francisco since 2006, Inbal's work has won multiple patents and awards, and published in 'Wired', 'Fast Company', and 'Time Magazine'. Throughout her 16 year career as designer and creative director, Inbal has helped hundreds of designers and clients navigate the creative process successfully.

Inbal is a student of North+South American cosmology, and Jewish Mysticism. She is trained and certified in Breathwork, Sound healing, and Ceremonial arts. A daughter of Moroccan and Romanian lineages, raised in the Middle East, and based in the Bay Area, Inbal applies an inclusive and multi dimensional approach to culture, design, and spirituality.


She holds Breathwork and Sound healing circles, Workshops, and Retreats for individuals and groups seeking greater access to creativity, and emotional freedom.

Inbal studied Design in the Politecnico di Milano, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and Education from the University of Tel-Aviv.  Inbal is trained and certified in Breathwork, Ceremonial arts, and Sound Healing.  She studies Yoga of the Voice at the Vox Mundi school of Sound and the Voice.

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