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Hi, my name is Inbal,


I am a guide and facilitator to those on the path of self healing.  My work is a therapeutic blend of Counseling, Somatic Breathwork, and Sound healing; focusing on resolving emotional pain that lives in the body.

I’ve come to this work after years of chronic stress, workaholism, and suppressed trauma. To say it has changed my life would be an understatement. I teach from my lived experience, and my practice is informed by my training with many teachers over the past 5 years. I have trained with Shamans, Healers, Yogis, Plant Medicine people, Wisdom Keepers, and Magicians. Not because I intend on becoming one, but because they all have a rare capacity to dance with mystery, and open to dimensions beyond the ordinary.

Before I embarked on this path, I dedicated 17 years of my life to designing the future as an Industrial designer and Creative director based in the Bay Area. Human behavior, desire, usability, needs, and functionality were at the core of my practice.  I believe we are all born artists and I see direct correlation between the creative process of reaching beyond the obvious towards a vision, and one's personal healing journey. To achieve personal innovation (evolution) we need to be willing to go beyond our comfort zone, and choose the pain of growth instead of the pain of stagnation.


In a way, through this work, you and I are creating a better future. A future where we are not prisoners of our wounding, trauma, and habitual survival mechanisms. A future in which we respond from a place of presence rather than from a place of reactivity. A future in which we have direct access to our inner reserves of calm, wisdom, and unconditional self love.

The creative act asks us to be courageous, curious, and willing to fail, and so does the art of self healing. Awareness of our conditioning and limiting beliefs is the foundation for our growth and long term change. Developing this self awareness is game changing on every level.


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